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Department of Physics
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Professorship for Theoretical Physics - Coherent Control of Complex Quantum Systems

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Our research is focused on Condensed Matter Theory. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Frithjof B. Anders, the  group studies the interplay of spin and charge degrees of freedom in correlated materials and their coherent control in equilibrium and nonequilibrium.

We investigate the occurence and the dynamical screening of local moments via the so-called Kondo effect in different physical problems, such as heavy fermions, quantum dots,  localied states in molecules or defect structures in graphene. We also focus on theories for the current-voltage characteristics in quantum point contact juncions and  inelastic contributions to scanning tunneling spectroscopy on mol­ecules. The modeling of the emergence of free magnetic degrees of freedom in multi-perturbation problems also belongs to our range of topics, as does the theoretical simulation of the effect of laser pulses on electron and nuclear spins in ensembles of quantum dots, where spin noise leads to the decoherence of a pulse-driven spin dynamics. The latter activities are part of  the Collaborative Research Center TRR 160, and the CPU intensive calculations are performed on the supercomputers at the  For­schungs­zen­trum Jülich.