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Department of Physics
Reiter Group

Theory of solid-state nanostructures for quantum technologies

Our research is at the intersection between solid-state theory and quantum information science. Our goal is to theoretically describe solid-state nanostructures to be used in quantum technology. We develop and employ several analytical and numerical methods ranging from rate equations over density matrix approaches up to machine learning to describe the quantum dynamics in nanostructures. You can find more information about our research topics here.

We are always interested in cooperations and work with groups at TU Dortmund like the Akimov group. We have several collaborations with theory groups, the AG Axt from Bayreuth or the group AG Oh from Cardiff, UK. We work closely with several experimental groups the photonics group from Innsbruck, Austria, or the nano-photonics group from Basel, Switzerland, the Quantum Communication Systems group from Berlin or the Quantum Electronics and Computer Engineering group from München. Exchange with experiment is important to us to bring our theories into experiment and eventually incooperating our ideas to be used in quantum technology applications.

We are always happy to talk about our work. If you are interested in a bachelor or master thesis in our group, please contact us via email and come visit us.