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Department of Physics

Head of the Group

As head of the group I would like to introduce myself a bit. A couple of things you can learn from my CV below. I like doing physics, because sometimes it is like solving a mystery and sometimes it is also super creative in coming up with new ideas and possiblities which nobody has though about before. I also like traveling and meeting  people and physics is a beautiful common ground to do that.

As head of the group, my aim is to support students in finding and nurturing their strengths, so they can shine in their best way. This will allow the group to do fascinating physics, pursue our research goals and communicate our findings to our peers and everybody else who is interested in physics. This has brought us to being an internationally highly recognized group in physics.

If you are a student or researcher interested in working with us, do not hesitate to drop me an email.

Short CV

2019/07 Positive Interim Evaluation of the Junior-Professor position
​2010/07 PhD in Physics, University of Münster
​2006/01 Diploma in Physics, University of Münster
since 2022 Research group leader, Condensed Matter Theory, TU Dortmund
​2016/08-2021/03 Junior-Professor, Institute for Solid State Theory, University of Münster
​2007/03-​2016/07 Research associate, Institute of Solid State Theory, University of Münster
DAAD P.R.I.M.E. fellowship, Department of Physics, Imperial College London, UK
​2006/09-​2007/02 DAAD fellowship, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, Canada
​2006/02-​2006/08 Research associate, Institute of Solid State Theory, University of Münster
Since 2024 Organisor of the Outreach Project QuanTour in preparation of the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology
2020-2023 Chair of the DPG working group AGyouLeaP for young leader in physics
2022/04 Panelist at the DPG international round table “On occasion of the World Quantum Day 2022”
2020-2022 Host of the Online-Series “Semiconductors for Breakfast” and “The Quantum Dinner
2017-2021 Co-Chair of the DPG division Semiconductor Physics
2021/03 Physikerin der Woche