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Department of Physics

Thesis Projects

Different projects for bachelor, master and PhD thesis are available


For the theoretikum, different numerical simmulation projects are offered

  • Classical simmulation of quantum annealing
  • Massive parallel semiclassical approach to the spin dynamics in the central spin model
  • Implementation of a quantum jump algorithm for open quantum systems

Bachelor Thesis

  • Ladungsinduzierte gebundene Zuständen in einer NTCDA Schicht auf einer Silber Oberfläche

  • Spektralfunktion für ein Quantenpunkt gekoppelt an zwei Zuleitungen

  • Cavity Quantenelektrodynamik im Limes starker Kopplung

  • Dynamik kleiner Quantensysteme in periodischen Feldern

Master Thesis

  • Quantumtransport through a quantum dot: combination of of ED or NRG with  Bloch-Redfield approaches to open quantum systems

  • Entropy of Strongly Coupled Quantum Dot: Feedback from a quantum point contact

  • non-equilibrium dynamics induced by THZ pulses on strongly correlated electron 4d or 5f systems

PhD Thesis

there are PhD positions available.  Good knowledge in many-body theory, preferably the numerical renormalization group approach, is needed. Areas of reseach are

  • non-linear response of correlated systems to THZ waves
  • forbidden d-d transitions
  • quantum transport through nano-devices
  • STM theory
  • Dynamical mean field theory and odd-frequency superconductivity