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Department of Physics

Research Topics

Prof. Dr. Frithjof B. Anders

  • decoherence and dissipation
  • spin dynamics and nuclear polaron formation in periodically pulsed quantum dot ensembles
  • non-equilibirum dynamics close to quantum phase transitions
  • time-dependent numerical renormalization group
  • steady-state currents in interacting nano-devices
  • Kondo-hole physics and bound states in correlated lattice systems
  • defect structures in graphene
  • inelastic tunneling spectroscopy in STM
  • transport through coupled quantum dots
  • local quantum critical phenonmena
  • dynamical mean field theory
  • non-Fermi-liquid behavior and magnetism in heavy-fermion compounds
  • coherent control and spin noise in semi-conductor quantum dots

PhD positions are availble. Please fiel free to contact Prof. Anders for further information.

One PostDoc position for applying NRG to quantum transport in a DFG funded project is open as well.


Priv.-Doz. Dr. Ute Löw

  • strongly correlated quantum spin systems
  • spin phonon coupling
  • strong magnetic fields
  • quantum Monte-Carlo methods
  • density matrix renormalization group
  • exact diagonalisation
  • quantum computing