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Congratulations to Jan Ravi Bade

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Example of the excitation under the SUPER scheme and the corresponding G2-function © Jan Ravi Bade​/​WWU Münster

Jan Ravi Bade has finished his bachelor studies. His thesis “Theoretical comparison of the single photon purity generated by different excitation schemes of a quantum dot” compares six different generation schemes to excite a quantum dot followed by the emission of a photon. These are the Rabi scheme, excitation via chirped pulses, the SUPER scheme, two two-photon excitation schemes via the biexciton and an scheme involving the dark exciton. By looking at the purity, he analysed whether the single photon is accompanied by a two-photon emission. Depending on the excitation scheme, the purities differ greatly. Ravi showed that the two-photon excitation of the biexciton followed by a stimulated process into the exciton exhibit the best qualities. His work constitutes another step towards finding the perfect single photon source.