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Department of Physics

Doris Reiter is the latest reinforcement of the Department of Physics

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Portrait of Dr. Doris Elisabeth Reiter © Doris Reiter​/​TU Dortmund

We are pleased that Dr. Doris Reiter strengthens the Department of Physics since 1st April in the field of theoretical solid-state physics. Her field of research is light-matter interaction in nanostructured solids. In particular, she intensively studies  semiconductors and nano­struc­tures thereof; this will enable fruitful cooperations with the existing research groups in experiment and theory.  She will also be the head of the planned Dortmund Graduate School in Physics. Dr. Reiter comes from the University of Münster, where she held a junior professorship.   Besides her activities at the university, Dr. Reiter is active in the German Physical Society (DPG) and was awarded the title "Female Physicist of the Week" last year.