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Two-color excitation schemes analyzed in the dressed states

  • Reiter
Sketch of the dressed states to illustrate the contents of the paper © Thomas Bracht | TU Dortmund
Evolution of the dressed-state energies in a three-level system

About a year ago, we proposed the Swing-UP of quantum EmitteR (SUPER) scheme to invert a two-level system. The novelty about the SUPER scheme is that it uses two red-detuned pulses, which alone would not lead to an inversion because of their detuning. To understand this puzzling effect, in this paper we present an analysis of the SUPER scheme in the dressed-state basis. Dressed states are the eigenstates of the coupled quantum dot-light system. We show that while one laser pulse sets the dressed states, the second laser pulse drives transitions between them, which in the bare states leads to the inversion. We also connect our results to dichromatic excitation schemes, where one laser pulse is red and one pulse is blue detuned. Our results give better insights into the SUPER mechanism, such that we can also extend it to more complicated systems.

The paper results from a collaboration with the theoretical group from Martin Axt from Bayreuth, and the Photonics group from Innsbruck.

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