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Congratulations to Gregor Rieke

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Figure of the results obtained in Gregor's master thesis © Gregor Rieke| WWU Münster
Fidelity of time-bin entangled photons as function of pulse strength and pulse length.

Gregor Rieke has finished his master studies. His thesis “Influence of phonons on time-bin entangled photons from the biexciton cascade of a quantum dot” considers photon pairs, which are entangled in their time-bin in contrast to the typically used polarization-entangled photons. To generate time-bin entangled photon pairs, a semiconductor quantum dot is used. Because a quantum dot is a solid-state object, it is subject to interaction with quantized lattice vibrations, i.e., with phonons. Gregor has studied how phonons impact the generated time-bin entangled photons. He found that the due to the exciton-phonon interaction always a limit is imposed on the maximally achieved fidelity. His results give new insights into the microscopic origin for fidelity losses for time-bin entangled photons. Congratulations to Gregor and we wish him all the best for his future!