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Dynamically dressed states in pump-probe

  • Reiter
A color plot of a calculated probe spectrum showing gain and absorption in blue and red colors © J. Kaspari ​/​ TU Dortmund

A new article in Phys. Rev. Research by the Reiter group

Following our  recent article in Phys. Rev. Lett. about the dynamical dressed states, where in addition to the Mollow triplet a set of additional lines appears, we now go into more details. In a follow-up study, we have analyzed theoretically  the dynamics of a two-level system under a finite pulse in a pump-probe set-up; similar to the resonance fluorescence set-up used in the experiments by the Müller group at Technical University of Munich. The study of the pump-probe ste-up enables us to scrutinize the dynamics during the pulse, but also before and after the pulse. We can reveal that the additional peaks seen in the spectrum stem from perturbed free induction decay, which occurs for finite pulses. Explaining the dynamically dressed states this way is insightful and gives us a deeper understanding of optical signals from quantum systems.

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